Jordan Cosco - Boy Racer

Age: 17

Division: Sportsman

St Catherines, ON. CAN.

Inheritance comes in many different forms; for Jordan Cosco it was a chassis and a racing family's legacy. Pete Cosco, Jordan's grandfather passed away unexpectedly in 2014. These photos capture his first season solo without his mentor at the age of 17. The trials of racing in a new car and the struggles of tuning it without the guidance of his grandfather, from who he took many lessons during years of racing with him. A boy among men - though, on the track, one could not tell.

Surrounded by friends, fellow racers, and family, Jordan persevered and grew each weekend throughout the summer race season. Step-dad Pudge serves as his crew chief, Jim his mechanic, his mom the sober second thought keeping a watchful eye out, and his little brother helps between heats. Fellow racers stop by to impart wisdom and advice about tuning the car's setup and on-track technique.

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Jordan, you would never suspect his age; His youthful charm is the only give away. Calm, mature and well spoken - a sportsman, both in persona and racing class. Equally comfortable interacting with friends as older fellow racers.

Before each heat, Jordan enters his car long before heading to the starting queue. He sits silently in his own mental space preparing for the laps ahead. He slowly goes through his pre-race ritual, a spiritual exercise of sorts — attaching the steering wheel, fastening his seat belt, plugging into the track radio and putting in his earbuds, tightening his gloves, sliding on his helmet and attaching the air hose to the back of it. He fires up the motor and waits alone with his thoughts, the rumble of the motor behind him, and the track radio in his ears. A few words of encouragement from his step-dad and a fist bump — he's off.

Dedicated to the Memory of Pete Cosco

1954 - 2014

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